People are travelling more, but still some way to go to reach pre-pandemic levels

The results of Statistics Estonia's Tourism Survey of 2022 show that Estonian residents made over a million outbound overnight trips last year, which is 90% more than in 2021. The number of overnight domestic trips was nearly 2.6 million – 16% more than the year before. In 2022, the expenditures on outbound trips amounted to over 1 billion euros and the expenditures on domestic trips to more than 178 million euros.
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The data literacy week encourages everyone to explore data and ask questions

During the data literacy week, which begins on 27 March, Statistics Estonia invites all young people or anyone else who is interested to improve their data literacy. The main event of this week is Küsimus24, a 24-hour question marathon organised for the first time, during which anyone can submit a question to Statistics Estonia.
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Are there more or less than a million Estonians in the world?

According to preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, the population of Estonia on 1 January 2023 was 1,357,739, an increase by 2% (or 25,943 people) compared with a year earlier. Ene-Margit Tiit, an expert in population statistics, took a closer look at how many ethnic Estonians live here and how many Estonians there are in the world.
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