Health profiles

How does an average diabetes patient in Estonia cope with daily life? How often do persons with diabetes visit the doctor? What is their health behaviour like – are they active every day, do they smoke or drink alcohol? Do they get support from the family when they have concerns?

The analysis resulted in ten profiles of typical persons in need of healthcare services in Estonia. These are people with chronic diseases or conditions, similar health-related needs, requirements and goals. The profiles describe the most typical persons with a specific disease according to the following indicators: socio-demographic background (sex, age, place of residence, etc.) and financial situation, social support network, common indicators characterising health status and behaviour, and a subjective assessment of one’s health and satisfaction with life in general.

Interesting fact

In Estonia, a typical person with diabetes is more likely female, on average 63 years old and lives in Harju or Pärnu county. A major share of diabetics (over 80%) are overweight or obese. The most common coexisting conditions are hypertension and back pain.

Commissioned by: 

Ministry of Social Affairs

Data sources: 

2014 data of the European Health Interview Survey


Kadri Rootalu