The data literacy week encourages everyone to explore data and ask questions

Posted on 28 March 2023, 12:30

During the data literacy week, which begins on 27 March, Statistics Estonia invites all young people or anyone else who is interested to improve their data literacy. The main event of this week is Küsimus24, a 24-hour question marathon organised for the first time, during which anyone can submit a question to Statistics Estonia.

The data literacy week is held from 27 to 31 March with the aim to generate interest and help people, especially students, find data and navigate data sources.

“There is a growing amount of data all around us that we need to understand and interpret in order to make informed decisions. Good data literacy ensures that young people have a solid foundation for building a future in this age of data abundance. Better data literacy means that people will be expecting better decision-making and better services also from the government and enterprise sector,” explained Liina Osila, Deputy Director General for Data Governance at Statistics Estonia. 

Activities during the data literacy week: 

  • From 27 to 31 March, Statistics Estonia will publish visualised data bites on social media, explaining what to pay attention to when using statistical information. With these data bites, we encourage people to develop their ability to find, read, process, analyse and interpret data, and thereby start to use data. 
  • On 29 March, from 00:01 to 23:59, Statistics Estonia will hold the first-ever question marathon Küsimus24 – for 24 hours, people can ask any questions from Statistics Estonia concerning data, data analysis, data-related IT, and so on. Anyone, regardless of age or level of knowledge, can submit a question either on Statistics Estonia’s website or on Instagram. We will start posting the answers on social media and on the same webpage from the morning of that day. Almost all employees at Statistics Estonia – analysts, methodologists, customer support etc. – are ready to answer your questions. Additionally, there are three experts from the University of Tartu ready to answer questions: Andero Uusberg (Institute of Psychology), Liina-Mai Tooding (Institute of Social Studies), and Mare Vähi (Institute of Mathematics and Statistics). 

Links and more information about the data literacy week can be found on Statistics Estonia’s website and Facebook page.

The data literacy week helps to improve young people’s data literacy. It is organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research and the Education and Youth Board. The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund. 

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