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Changes in using the statistical database and API

Posted on 15. February 2021 15:30

Of the databases of Statistics Estonia, API functionality was up to now offered by the one at andmebaas.stat.ee. Now, API functionality has been added to the database on PxWeb platform, available at andmed.stat.ee/en/stat. All of those who used an API to access andmebaas.stat.ee should make the change to the PxWeb API.

Statistics Estonia currently has two statistical databases: the database at andmed.stat.ee/en/stat, which was converted to a new version last autumn, and the database at andmebaas.stat.ee, which will be abandoned in the first half of 2021. The transition to one database will take place gradually. As of 15 February 2021, the data tables on labour market are no longer updated at andmebaas.stat.ee.

More information on the data that are no longer updated at andmebaas.stat.ee can be found here.   

APIs using andmebaas.stat.ee should be redirected to andmed.stat.ee/en/stat at first opportunity. Instructions are available here.

We recommend that everyone start using only the new database of Statistics Estonia at andmed.stat.ee/en/stat.