Less than half of enterprises submitted EKOMAR in time

Posted on 12 July 2016, 11:00

This year, for the first time, Statistics Estonia distributed the deadlines of the EKOMAR questionnaire over a longer period and, depending on the economic activity of the enterprise, the deadline fell in the period of 1–8 July. Out of the 8,000 enterprises that were to submit the questionnaire, 44% submitted EKOMAR in time.

EKOMAR is the most extensive and important statistical activity covering annual data, based on which Statistics Estonia compiles overviews on entrepreneurship and receives an input to assess economic growth. If an enterprise submits its annual report to the Commercial Register, then based on that report 80% of the enterprise’s EKOMAR questionnaire is already pre-filled for Statistics Estonia; so far it has been possible to use pre-filling in the case of 88% of the respondents. Despite that, less than half of enterprises submitted the EKOMAR questionnaire by the deadline. The low data submission rate has forced Statistics Estonia to start considering imposing a penalty payment on enterprises failing to submit their data.

“I would like to thank all the enterprises who submitted their EKOMAR questionnaire by the deadline,” said Andres Oopkaup, Director General of Statistics Estonia. “The task of Statistics Estonia is to provide reliable and objective information about Estonia,” he explained. “The sooner data collection ends, the sooner data processing and analysis of statistics can begin and the sooner decision-makers get the information they need to make fact-based decisions,” he said. “Post-deadline data collection increases the submission percentage to 70, but it is a time- and resource-intensive process both for the respondents and for those collecting the data,” he noted.

“I hope that enterprises understand that the goal of Statistics Estonia is to obtain data on time in order to produce statistics and that, when it comes to measures for improving receipt of questionnaires, imposing a penalty payment is the last resort, used in extreme situations,” Oopkaup explained in the meeting with representatives of enterprises on 6 July. “I want to stress that if we do reach a point where we are forced to impose a penalty payment then Statistics Estonia will not get the money for its own use, the money will go into the state budget and therefore penalty payments are not a source of income for Statistics Estonia,” he noted.

In the case of the EKOMAR questionnaire, penalty payments may be imposed only when, after several reminders (three and seven days after submission deadline), a phone call from the Director General and extending the deadline, the data have still not been submitted. “If the entrepreneur has substantial obstacles to submitting data in time, we have always been able to find a new deadline that is acceptable for both sides,” Oopkaup explained.
Receipt of EKOMAR, 2016
Economic activity Questionnaire Submission deadline Enterprises subject to submitting Submitted in time, %
Technical testing and analysis EKOMAR M712S 1 July 30 30
Advertising EKOMAR M731s 1 July 119 33
Manufacturing, energy and water supply EKOMAR B-E s 4 July 1 670 45
Retail trade EKOMAR G47s 5 July 668 42
Computer programming, consultancy and related activities EKOMAR J62s 5 July 235 47
Postal activities, accommodation and food service activities, education, veterinary activities, human health activities, entertainment EKOMAR IH53P-Q 5 July 960 41
Wholesale trade EKOMAR G46s 6 July 793 47
Transportation EKOMAR H49s 6 July 400 43
Construction EKOMAR F41s 7 July 877 39
Wholesale, retail trade and repair of motor vehicles EKOMAR G45s 7 July 252 43
Market research EKOMAR M732S 7 July 14 64
Architectural and engineering activities EKOMAR M711S 7 July 115 46
Employment activities EKOMAR N78s 7 July 112 36
Warehousing, publishing, broadcasting, telecommunications, real estate activities, professional and scientific activities, administrative activities, other service activities EKOMAR H52_Ns 8 July 1 701 46
TOTAL     7 946 44