Tree of Truth now tracks the progress of the new Government Action Plan

Posted on 12 April 2021, 13:27

Starting from today, 12 April, the Tree of Truth application of Statistics Estonia displays the indicators of the new Government Action Plan for 2021–2023 together with target levels applicable until the end of the government’s term in office.

Statistics Estonia and the Government Office launched the Tree of Truth in October 2019. It shows the current status of indicators important for Estonia, providing a simple, honest and objective overview of how the country is doing.

Due to the change of government, the Tree of Truth was updated with indicators of the new Government Action Plan distributed between 20 tree leaves. The Government Action Plan for 2021–2023 has been adopted for the implementation of the basic principles agreed by the coalition of the Estonian Reform Party and the Estonian Centre Party.

“The Tree of Truth displays the general goals with indicators tracking progress towards the goals, and additional indicators reflecting the general implementation of the Action Plan,” explained Ene Saareoja, project manager at Statistics Estonia.

The Tree of Truth now shows four completely new indicators from the Government Action Plan:

  • vaccinations against COVID-19;
  • unemployment rate (employment rate is already shown);
  • Estonian language proficiency of learners with home language other than Estonian (number of speakers of Estonian is already shown);
  • European Union Cohesion Monitor.

“In cooperation with Statistics Estonia, we have updated the Tree of Truth with leaves that track the implementation of the Government Action Plan,” said Eili Lepik, Deputy Strategy Director at the Government Office. “Everyone can now easily follow the new coalition’s targets and their achievement. The Tree of Truth is part of the state’s efforts to ensure honesty, transparency and clarity in governance. Among other things, the Tree of Truth measures the government’s performance in critical areas like COVID-19 vaccine roll-out among the population. But the Tree of Truth also shows the status of long-term goals, such as the healthy life years of people in Estonia. It is an interesting and attractive tool for anyone interested in our country.”

The Tree of Truth includes a total of 145 indicators with their specific goals. The indicators are based on the Government Action Plan for 2021–2023, the “Estonia 2035” (draft) development strategy and the “Sustainable Estonia 21” strategy. Green leaves indicate that the goal has been met. Yellow leaves indicate that there is a gap but some progress has been made. Red leaves indicate that there is a gap and no progress has been made towards the expected results.

The Tree of Truth is intended for people working in the public and private sectors, and for anyone who is interested in how the country is doing and wishes to make informed decisions based on real data.


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