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Analysis of the economic impact of international students

How active are international students in the Estonian labour market? What is their impact on the local economy during studies and after graduation? How do international students differ from local students? The analysis focused on the participation of international students in the Estonian labour market and its impact on the economy.

The analysis covered international students who studied in Estonia in academic years 2016/2017 and 2018/2019 and graduates of the same years. For comparison, we used employment and salaries and wages data of local students. The analysis showed that in academic year 2018/2019, foreign students paid eight million euros in income and social tax in Estonia. International students who graduated the year prior contributed additionally over two million euros. The share of international students who worked besides studying increased significantly during the observed period. A half of them continued working in Estonia after receiving a diploma.

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Interesting fact: 

The most international students stay in Estonia to work in the fields of information and communication technologies and engineering and manufacturing.

Commissioned by: 

SA Archimedes

Data sources: 

Estonian Education Information System, data of the Tax and Customs Board, employment register


Kadri Rootalu