Estonian team ranked third place in the European Statistics Competition

Posted on 8. September 2020 9:30

The winners of the European Statistics Competition for the academic year 2019–2020 were announced yesterday, 7 September. In the younger age group, team Fresiito from Tallinn Secondary School of Science won the third place.

Under the guidance of the European Union statistical office Eurostat, the European Statistics Competition for students was organised this year in 17 countries, with over 17,000 participants. The winners were announced in two age groups following national competitions and a European phase. To pass on to the European phase, the best teams in each country had to make a two-minute video in English on the topic “Young people in Europe”. Using official statistics, contestants had to demonstrate which issues young people in their country face. A jury of European experts assessed 57 videos and chose winners in the older age group (1618-year-olds) and younger age group (1416-year-olds).

In the senior age group, the first prize went to Polish team ORŁY_Z_IV. Their video described some issues that young people have faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Team Cirurgiões from Portugal took second place and team Trilussa’s chicks from Italy the third place.

In the junior age group, the winner was team NILGADRIES from Belgium. Their video explored the future of two 15 year-olds living in two different regions, when it comes to education, employment, health and well-being. Team TEGLZAROŽE from Slovenia won the second place. The winner of the third place was team Fresiito from Tallinn Secondary School of Science with a video that described carbon footprint in Estonia.

Mathematics teacher at Tallinn Secondary School of Science and team supervisor Andres Talts said that each competition is a development opportunity for students. “The European Statistics Competition gives the participants a chance to experience something new, allowing to feel its true scope and opportunities. The competition exercises for basic school had a good difficulty level. For me as a supervisor, it is a joy to support students who are interested in statistics. I believe that the activities associated with this competition, as any activities supporting studying and teaching, encourage the development of both students and supervisors,” added Talts.

The competition’s prize ceremony will take place online on 5 October.

The objective of the European Statistics Competition is to promote interest in statistics among students and to encourage teachers to use new materials for teaching statistics. The competition shows the connection between statistics and everyday life as well the role of statistics in the society. The Estonian phase of the competition is organised by Statistics Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Research, SA Innove and the University of Tartu. More information about the competition is available on Statistics Estonia’s competition website and on the competition’s international website.

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