Time left until the start of the population and housing census


One in five e-residents register a business in Estonia

Since 2014, 73,400 foreign citizens have become e-residents of Estonia. 20% of these e-residents have participated in founding a business and over 14,200 businesses have been registered in Estonia with their participation. We looked into where e-residents come from and what are the activities of their Estonian enterprises.
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More than 1,600 people participated in the census rehearsal

At the end of last year and beginning of this year, Statistics Estonia carried out the main rehearsal of the Population and Housing Census. 843 persons living at 422 addresses responded to the test survey online. Interviewers collected responses from 785 persons living at 410 addresses. The test survey response rate was 87.5% and the received feedback was generally positive.
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Changes in using the statistical database and API

Of the databases of Statistics Estonia, API functionality was up to now offered by the one at andmebaas.stat.ee. Now, API functionality has been added to the database on PxWeb platform, available at andmed.stat.ee/en/stat. All of those who used an API to access andmebaas.stat.ee should make the change to the PxWeb API.
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Unemployment up by 16,000 persons in a year

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2020, the labour force participation rate was 71.6%, the employment rate was 66.7%, and the unemployment rate was 6.8%. There were 47,900 unemployed persons, which is 16,600 more than in 2019.
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