Time left until the publication of the data on housing arrangements collected in the population census:


Re-exports significantly increased trade in July

According to Statistics Estonia, in July 2022, Estonia’s exports of goods increased by 13% and imports by 22% compared with July 2021. Re-exports from Estonia grew by 43%; exports of domestic goods remained at the same level year on year.
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Survey reveals whether adults in Estonia are as clever as our children

The international Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC), which aims to collect data on people’s everyday competencies such as literacy, numeracy, information-seeking, use of computers and information technology, as well as their education and work experience, begins today. This is the second time that Estonia has participated in the survey.
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Household and family nucleus – what are these?

Censuses introduce new terms that might be unfamiliar for most people, such as ‘household’, ‘family nucleus’, ‘partner’, and even such a peculiar concept as ‘non-family household’. What do all these terms mean and what is their purpose?
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Estonia is an attractive destination for highly educated immigrants

During the population and housing census, information on the highest level of education attained by inhabitants of Estonia was also gathered. Collected data revealed that the educational attainment of the population continues to rise. The level of education of foreigners living in here has also increased significantly. Below we will take a closer look at the educational attainment of the native Estonian- and Russian-speaking population as well as that of other mother tongue speakers and see how it has changed since the previous censuses.
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Estonian women still among the most highly educated in Europe

During the population and housing census, information on the highest level of education attained by inhabitants of Estonia was also gathered and data were compared with that of other countries. Estonia has seen an increase in the proportion of people with higher education, while the share of persons with basic education has decreased. Estonian women are still among the most highly educated in Europe, and overall Estonia ranks 7th in terms of the share of people with higher education.
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One in five e-residents register a business in Estonia

Since 2014, 73,400 foreign citizens have become e-residents of Estonia. 20% of these e-residents have participated in founding a business and over 14,200 businesses have been registered in Estonia with their participation. We looked into where e-residents come from and what are the activities of their Estonian enterprises.
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