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Industrial enterprises are recovering from the crisis

​Industry is the largest sector of the economy and an important driver of economic growth. The index of industrial production covers the economic indicators of three industrial activities: mining, energy production and manufacturing.

Helle Bunder, analyst at Statistics Estonia, noted that May was the month last year when manufacturing volumes decreased the most due to the coronavirus pandemic. “In connection with the low reference base, manufacturing production has increased by 18.5% year on year,” said Bunder.

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The share of men receiving parental benefit increased

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2020, men accounted for slightly more than a fifth of the 34,570 persons receiving parental benefit. The average monthly parental benefit was 1,170 euros for women and 1,638 euros for men. The parental benefit gap was the lowest ever.
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One in five e-residents register a business in Estonia

Since 2014, 73,400 foreign citizens have become e-residents of Estonia. 20% of these e-residents have participated in founding a business and over 14,200 businesses have been registered in Estonia with their participation. We looked into where e-residents come from and what are the activities of their Estonian enterprises.
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