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Albert Pullerits prize awarded to Tuuli Jürgenson

This year’s recipient of the Albert Pullerits young statistician’s prize awarded by Statistics Estonia is Tuuli Jürgenson for her Master’s thesis “Combining Retrospective and Prospective Data for Genome-wide Association Studies”.
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Statistics Estonia is conducting the most extensive relationship survey in Estonia

Today, Statistics Estonia is launching the largest and most comprehensive relationship survey in Estonia so far, titled “Safe relationships within family, at work and outside work”. The purpose of the survey is to get an overview of well-being and safety in relationships. An invitation to participate in the survey is sent by post to over 16,000 people.
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The number of people who are at risk of poverty decreased

According to Statistics Estonia, 2.3% of the population of Estonia lived in absolute poverty and 20.7% lived at risk of poverty in 2019. Compared to 2018, the share of people at risk of poverty fell by one percentage point. The share of people living in absolute poverty rose by 0.1 percentage point.
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People prefer e-commerce while enterprises prefer cloud services

According to Statistics Estonia, 56.5% of the population aged 16–74 used e-commerce in the last three months. Compared to last year, the overall popularity of e-commerce has remained the same, but the amounts spent on purchasing goods and services have increased. The results of the enterprise survey showed that more than half of the companies using the internet use paid cloud services.
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284,300 Estonian residents at risk of poverty in 2018

According to Statistics Estonia, 21.7% of the Estonian population lived at risk of poverty and 2.4% lived in absolute poverty in 2018. Compared to 2017, the share of people at risk of poverty decreased by 0.2 percentage points and the share of those living in absolute poverty by 0.3 percentage points.
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Social protection expenditure on the rise

In 2017, the social protection field was mostly characterised by growth trends: the average old-age pension exceeded 400 euros, labour market measures are being used more and there is a greater variety of them, the expenditure on family allowances increased and new allowances for large families were added. The number of old-age pensioners and subsistence benefit recipients has declined.
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Seminar on child well-being

Today, on 14 January, the Office of the Chancellor of Justice holds a seminar to present Statistics Estonia’s publication “Child Well-Being”. The publication covers all the main aspects of child well-being and gives an overview of child well-being in Estonia.
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