In fish farming, output decreased but the prices increased

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2022, fish farming enterprises sold 801 tonnes of commercial fish and crayfish, for a total of 4.9 million euros. The sale of fish roe amounted to 2.7 tonnes. The sold quantity of fish farming production decreased for the third year in a row. The quantity of fish roe sold in 2022 was 8 times smaller than the year before.
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Producer price index of industrial output rose by 4.2% in April

The producer price index of industrial output, which expresses changes in the producer prices of industrial goods manufactured in Estonia for the domestic market and for export, increased by 4.2% in April 2023 compared with April 2022 and decreased by 0.7% compared with March 2023.
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Extraordinary year for population statistics – births at record low, migration at record high (corrected on 16.05.2023)

According to Statistics Estonia, 1,365,884 people live in Estonia as of 01.01.2023, which is 34,088 persons (2.6%) more than at the same time a year ago. In 2022, there were 11,646 births and 17,315 deaths in Estonia. 49,414 persons immigrated to Estonia and 9,657 persons emigrated from Estonia, therefore, immigration exceeded emigration fivefold.
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