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Global and local environmental goals focus largely on reaching a balance between limited ecological resources and people’s well-being.

According to the strategy “Sustainable Estonia 21”, achieving an ecological balance requires using natural resources sustainably, reducing pollution and preserving biological diversity and natural areas.

Globally, the aims are to stop activities contributing to climate change, to consume and produce in a sustainable and clean way, to preserve water resources and to produce energy using environmentally friendly solutions.

Data on the environment are necessary to assess progress towards these goals. Statistics Estonia publishes data on environmental pressure and the following environmental measures:

  • waste and circular economy;
  • emissions of gases causing climate change;
  • air pollution and contributors to acid rain;
  • material and energy efficiency;
  • green economy;
  • forest resources and their use;
  • environmental protection funding;
  • biodiversity protection and land use;
  • water use.