General government deficit and debt increased last year

According to the preliminary* data of Statistics Estonia, in 2023, the Estonian general government deficit was 3.4% and the debt level was 19.6% of the gross domestic product (GDP). At the end of last year, the total expenditures of the general government exceeded revenues by 1.3 billion euros.
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Working international students and graduates contributed over 23 million euros in taxes in the previous academic year

Statistics Estonia, commissioned by the Education and Youth Board, analysed for the fifth time the economic contribution of working international students and international graduates. Although the number of international degree students in Estonia was down from the previous years, international students paid 16.6 million euros in income and social tax in the academic year 2022/23, and graduates from the year before contributed 6.9 million euros. For students, this is 2.5 million euros more than in the previous academic year, while for graduates it is 1.5 million euros less.
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