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Albert Pullerits prize awarded to Tuuli Jürgenson

This year’s recipient of the Albert Pullerits young statistician’s prize awarded by Statistics Estonia is Tuuli Jürgenson for her Master’s thesis “Combining Retrospective and Prospective Data for Genome-wide Association Studies”.
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Statistics Estonia is conducting the most extensive relationship survey in Estonia

Today, Statistics Estonia is launching the largest and most comprehensive relationship survey in Estonia so far, titled “Safe relationships within family, at work and outside work”. The purpose of the survey is to get an overview of well-being and safety in relationships. An invitation to participate in the survey is sent by post to over 16,000 people.
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Gender-based information and earnings projections added to Statistics Estonia’s application

The earnings application, first published more than a year ago, was upgraded by Statistics Estonia together with the Commissioner for Equal Opportunities, University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology and the Social Insurance Board. More occupational groups, comparison of males’ and females’ monthly earnings, and earnings and pension projections were added to the application.
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The share of men receiving parental benefit increased

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2020, men accounted for slightly more than a fifth of the 34,570 persons receiving parental benefit. The average monthly parental benefit was 1,170 euros for women and 1,638 euros for men. The parental benefit gap was the lowest ever.
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In the first quarter, wages grew faster again

According to Statistics Estonia, in the first quarter of 2021, the average monthly gross wages and salaries were 1,473 euros. Highest were in Harju and Tartu counties, in information and communication, financial and insurance activities and the energy sector.
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Gender pay gap narrowed again last year

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2020, the gross hourly earnings of female employees were 15.6% smaller than the earnings of male employees. The gender pay gap decreased by 1.5 percentage points year on year.
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The number of job vacancies remains under 9,000

According to Statistics Estonia, in the last quarter of 2020, there were 8,707 job vacancies in the enterprises, institutions and organisations of Estonia. The number decreased by 16% year on year. More than 7,000 persons left their jobs on the employer’s initiative.
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Average monthly gross wages and salaries increased despite the difficult year

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2020, the average monthly gross wages and salaries were 1,448 euros, which is 2.9% higher than the year before. It has been ten years since the annual growth in wages and salaries was so modest. Since 2011, the annual growth rate has steadily been over 5% and has even risen above 7% in several years.
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