Are there more or less than a million Estonians in the world?

According to preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, the population of Estonia on 1 January 2023 was 1,357,739, an increase by 2% (or 25,943 people) compared with a year earlier. Ene-Margit Tiit, an expert in population statistics, took a closer look at how many ethnic Estonians live here and how many Estonians there are in the world.
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Working international students and graduates contributed over 22 million euros in taxes in the previous academic year

Statistics Estonia analysed the economic contribution of working international students and international graduates. The analysis, commissioned by the Education and Youth Board, shows that, in the academic year 2021/22, international degree students contributed 14 million euros and international graduates over 8 million euros in taxes. In recent years, there has been a considerable rise in the number of international graduates who stay to work in Estonia after graduation. The majority of these graduates work in Tallinn.
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See Statistics Estonia’s 2024 release calendar

Next year's calendar, where policymakers, journalists, and other data enthusiasts can find information on new additions to the database as well as the publication of news, will be available on Statistics Estonia’s website from 29 September.
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Producer price index of industrial output fell by 4.4% year on year

The producer price index of industrial output, which expresses changes in the producer prices of industrial goods manufactured in Estonia for the domestic market and for export, increased by 0.1% in August 2023 compared with July and decreased by 4.4% compared with August last year.
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Internet use is increasing in Estonia

According to Statistics Estonia*, 93.2% of households in Estonia have an internet connection at home. The number of households with an internet connection has increased by 13,000 compared with the previous year, when there were 533,300 such households. There are also more users of e-commerce.
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Oil shale electricity production increased last year

According to Statistics Estonia, power plants produced 8,910 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity and 5,074 GWh of heat in 2022. Compared with the year before, electricity production increased by 21% and heat production by 8%.
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Exports of services at a record high in the second quarter

According to Statistics Estonia and Eesti Pank, in the second quarter of 2023, Estonia’s exports of services grew by 8% and imports by 2% at current prices compared with the same quarter of 2022. Sales of services to non-residents totalled 2.9 billion euros and purchases of services from non-residents amounted to 2.2 billion euros.
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Peak tourism season brought tourists to accommodation establishments

According to Statistics Estonia, more than 481,000 tourists stayed in accommodation establishments in July 2023, up by 1% from the same month a year earlier and 43% more than in June 2023. Compared with July last year, accommodation establishments hosted more foreign tourists and fewer domestic tourists.
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Exports and imports of goods fell significantly in July

According to Statistics Estonia, Estonia’s exports of goods in July amounted to 1.3 billion and imports to 1.6 billion euros. Compared with July 2022, exports of goods decreased by 26% and imports by 20% at current prices. The trade deficit in July was 385 million euros, which is 42 million euros more than in the same month last year.
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The consumer price index grew by 4.6% in August

According to Statistics Estonia, in August, the consumer price index increased by 0.5% compared with July 2023 and by 4.6% compared with August 2022. Goods were 7.6% more expensive and services 0.8% cheaper than in August last year. The last time that the change of the consumer price index compared with the same month of the previous year was smaller than 4.6% was in June 2021, when it was 3.8%.
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There were over 11,000 job vacancies in the second quarter

According to Statistics Estonia, in the second quarter of 2023, there were 11,079 job vacancies in the enterprises, institutions and organisations of Estonia. This is 17% less than in the same quarter last year. Over 6,000 persons left their job at the initiative of the employer.
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