Higher degree, higher salary? Survey confirms that one in five people get a better salary or a new job after graduation

Statistics Estonia's Adult Education Survey* shows that people take part in training to perform their jobs better. However, people attend an educational institution when they wish to improve their knowledge. In 19% of cases, a higher degree has also led to a new job or a higher salary. Käthrin Randoja, leading analyst, explores in the statistics blog what motivates adults to go to school or to take part in training, and how they benefit from it.
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Oil shale electricity production increased last year

According to Statistics Estonia, power plants produced 8,910 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity and 5,074 GWh of heat in 2022. Compared with the year before, electricity production increased by 21% and heat production by 8%.
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Construction volume down by 5% in the third quarter

According to Statistics Estonia, in the third quarter of 2023, the total production value of Estonian construction enterprises in Estonia and abroad decreased by 5% at constant prices compared with the third quarter of 2022. Considering only the domestic market, the fall in construction volume was 7%.
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How happy is the Estonian man?

International Men's Day is celebrated this coming Sunday, 19 November. Epp Remmelg, leading analyst at Statistics Estonia, took the opportunity to find out how the Estonian man is doing.
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Gender pay gap has widened in a year

According to preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, in 2022, the gross hourly earnings of female employees were 17.7% smaller than the earnings of male employees. The gender pay gap increased by 2.8 percentage points year on year.
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Number of people living in absolute poverty rose by two and a half times

According to Statistics Estonia, 22.5% of Estonia’s population lived at risk of poverty and 3.5% in absolute poverty in 2022. Compared with 2021, the share of people living at risk of poverty decreased by 0.3 percentage points and the share of people living in absolute poverty increased by 2.1 percentage points.
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Foreign trade declined further in September

According to Statistics Estonia, in September, Estonia’s exports of goods amounted to almost 1.5 billion and imports to nearly 1.7 billion euros. Compared with the same month in 2022, exports of goods decreased by 24% and imports by 22% at current prices. The trade deficit in September was 207 million euros, which is 13 million euros more than in September last year.
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