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The number of people who are at risk of poverty decreased

According to Statistics Estonia, 2.3% of the population of Estonia lived in absolute poverty and 20.7% lived at risk of poverty in 2019. Compared to 2018, the share of people at risk of poverty fell by one percentage point. The share of people living in absolute poverty rose by 0.1 percentage point.
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284,300 Estonian residents at risk of poverty in 2018

According to Statistics Estonia, 21.7% of the Estonian population lived at risk of poverty and 2.4% lived in absolute poverty in 2018. Compared to 2017, the share of people at risk of poverty decreased by 0.2 percentage points and the share of those living in absolute poverty by 0.3 percentage points.
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On 23 February, the phone lines of Statistics Estonia’s customer support are open until 13:00. The phone lines are closed on 24 February. Happy Independence Day!


Agricultural production in Estonia increased again last year

According to the preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, 847,800 tonnes of milk and 79,900 tonnes of meat were produced in 2020. This is, respectively, 3% and 5% more than the year before. The utilised agricultural area without kitchen gardens increased by 3,000 hectares and totalled 983,000 hectares.
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